Laxatives and weight loss- Role of laxative in weight loss

Laxatives and weight loss goes hand in hand and are now popularly used for weight loss. They come in different styles, such as pills, liquids, capsules, and many more. Laxatives specifically made to be used as remedies for constipation or to increase bowel activity. However, the use of laxatives in weight loss has gained popularity among people who want to lose weight.

The effect of laxatives in weight loss is because of these increase bowel activity. The large intestine does not absorb water and minerals from the food that a person takes as the laxative prevents it. Regular intake of this affects the body’s absorption of fats, resulting in diarrhea. Weight loss achieved as the food is not absorbed, thus preventing weight gain.

Laxatives and weight loss, Side Effects of Laxative Usage

Laxatives can cause several side effects that one should think many times before buying laxatives. Laxative overdose can cause vomiting, rectal bleeding, stomach cramps, dehydration, nausea, chronic diarrhea, electrolyte disorder, and fainting. Severe constipation and pain caused by laxative overdose can only treat by removing the colon through surgery. Laxative overdose can cause permanent damage to the gastrointestinal tract and result in weak and soft bones or osteomalacia. Laxative overdose for weight loss can cause eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. 

A consistent intake of laxatives can also cause injury or even death. Be cautious about the usage of laxatives and weight loss effects.

Pregnant women should not take laxatives as well as women trying to be pregnant are discouraged by herbalists to take senna, laxative product ingredient, or any other laxatives. Laxative overdose can cause harm to the person who uses a laxative product. Some manufacturers say that laxative product are bowel cleaning products without saying that those products are laxatives. Some also say that these products are low in calories, while there are no-calorie and nutrients at these products. Please think many times before buying a laxative product.

Laxatives and weight loss, Do laxatives help in weight loss?

Laxatives have side effects that can cause harm to the person using it. Diet programs and proper exercises are still the best way to weight loss. You could get and follow a diet and training program when you are trying to lose weight. There are diet programs that are focused on reducing calorie intake. Burning calories is essential for weight loss rather than the usage of laxatives and weight loss success. These are safer but effective ways to lose weight.

You could engage yourself in activities that will help you burn fats, which will result in weight loss. You may also try simple exercises such as walking and jogging to help you lose pounds and shed off the unwanted fats, although the effects may take a little longer to notice.

It is still better to follow these ways to lose weight as they are safe and will not give you side effects than to use other methods, such as laxatives that although offer a faster and easier way of weight loss but poses side effects that can harm the person using it. A final word of caution on laxatives and weight loss, Use them in with caution.


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