Exercise to Lose Weight

While most people who are trying to lose weight are going down the diet route, there is a much more effective long term method of achieving the weight loss you desire along with a fitter, slimmer and more toned body. It can only be made by exercise because it is an exercise that forces the muscles to do the work that burns the calories and excess fat, strengthening and tones the parts of the body where the activities are targeting.

For an overall toned body look, it is sufficient to select different exercises that target several areas of the body.ar Here is an example of how doing just one form of exercise can help you lose weight but give you unwanted results in body shape. Say, for instance, you choose to work only on exercising your legs by working out at the gym on a treadmill and then using weights and apparatus that only target the legs. You will finish up with great looking legs, but you could not get rid of the fat belly or any areas of fat that have accumulated on your upper body, such as the upper arms, chest and upper back.

Much better is to vary the exercises so that all areas of your body get some of the workouts. Better still is to find activities that target the whole body, such as swimming. In the gym, you would need to do a circuit of apparatus to work for all the different muscle groups, although elliptical trainers are perfect for targeting several different areas. It can mixe up with some time on the treadmill, stepper, and rowing machine to work legs, torso, and upper body.


Of all the exercises you can do, probably the most rewarding, fun and varied has to be swimming. By doing a variety of different strokes and swimming several lengths of the pool at each visit, increasing every time, you will target all muscle groups reasonably equally, and it won’t feel like a workout. Sure, you will get tired, and you can also experience muscle pains especially in the early days, but this is an exercise form that is so easy to do, can be combined with some fun time afterward and the best part is that you don’t end up sweating like you would in a gym.

Cardiovascular Workouts

For fat burning through exercise, including some cardiovascular activity in your daily routine is the best way of achieving this. It doesn’t necessitate to be the only thing you do, but on the other hand, if you do nothing else, do the exercise you do cardiovascular. It is the aerobic type of activity that raises your heart rate, breathing rate, and forces you to sweat and breathe hard. You must sustain this level of exercise for a reasonable amount of time for it to the most good, which is typically 20 minutes or more.

The benefits are that after 20 minutes, your body forced to start using its store of fat to provide the muscles with the fuel they need. The sugars initially offer this fuel in the bloodstream, but over time these sugars become depleted and need to be replaced to enable the muscles to keep on working. The replacement comes from the body’s fat store, so if you want to burn fat, keep it going for more than 20 minutes.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Exercise could be the best way to lose weight, but you still need to have a healthy diet to complement your works and to gain the maximum benefits from what you are doing. Over time, you will get to the stage where you are exercising daily sufficiently to burn so many calories that you will need to eat more to sustain a healthy weight and not become unhealthily underweight. It is why you need to eat a healthy diet, as eating junk food will make it more challenging to maintain the level of exercise you need to do to keep burning the calories you are loading in. Still, without the essential nutrients, your body needs to sustain its strength and stamina.

The bottom line is to eat healthily and exercise every day, which will not only lead to the weight loss target you have set for yourself but will also help you maintain a steady and healthy body weight in the long term.


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