Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss Why a glass-half-full mentality is better for your weight—and your health

Best diet plan for weight loss better for your weight—and health
Best diet plan for weight loss

Best diet plan for weight loss with water, Each day, without being aware of it, you see a glass as being half full or half empty for nutrition. Do you emphasize the positives, such as striving to eat a more nutritious diet to enrich your health? Or do you focus more on what you shouldn’t have—fatty foods, sugary delights, and high-calorie favorites. Why does it even matter? Because research tells us that different eating strategies have distinctive effects on weight and health. Some are good, and some are, well… not so good.

A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined the eating styles of 4,393 healthy individuals. The goal of this study was to investigate little-recognized contributors to the obesity epidemic. And to control for genetic influences, the subjects in the study were Finnish monozygotic twins.

The eating style most closely linked to obesity and poor eating habits was what the researchers called “restrictive overeating.” People in this group avoid certain foods such as high-fat items but then also have periods of overindulging. Snacking, grazing at night, and avoiding fatty foods were also associated with excess weight, although the researchers point out that these behaviors stem from restrictive overeating. The eating style most closely tied to a healthy weight was “health-conscious” eating. Instead of restricting certain foods from their diets, health-conscious eaters look for ways to include healthy items Best diet plan for weight loss.

“People who alternate restricting and overeating appear to be more vulnerable to obesity than are individuals who maintain a balanced level of energy intake,” 

says lead researcher Anna Keski-Rahkonen, MD, Ph.D., an epidemiologist from the department of public health at the University of Helsinki in Finland. “Because maintaining a restrictive diet for long periods is nearly impossible for most people, they eventually compensate by overeating.”

Keski-Rahkonen explains that studies like this one point to reasons other than genetics for being overweight. And she adds that when you look at it from an evolutionary standpoint, the study results make sense “Because for most of their history humans have had to struggle with the scarcity of food. But in our current food-abundant and inactive environment, our ancient weight control mechanisms turn against us,” she says. “A constant imbalance in energy intake and expenditure results in weight gain.”

The human body—and mind—don’t respond well to feelings of deprivation. When this happens, food becomes, even more, a focus, with snacking, grazing at night, and focusing on external cues causing an eventual response to overeating. Looking at eating in a positive light, including more fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats, and eating fewer calorie-dense foods, is a much better long-term strategy.

Best diet plan for weight loss or How best to lose weight?

Best diet plan for weight loss better 4 your weight—and health
How best to lose weight

Small reductions in food intake may be the most effective. Tricking the body is vital as major cutbacks appear to set off an alarm of sorts, but minor changes tend to go unnoticed. Plus, it allows people to make adjustments that are more in tune with their lifestyles and personal preferences. Keski-Rahkonen recommends that individuals “closely match their energy intake with their energy expenditure—choosing healthful foods and engaging in regular physical exercise.”

Starting today, make a conscious effort to see nutrition from a glass-half-full perspective that emphasizes all the positives of eating healthy. Please don’t beat yourself up for having cheesecake; try to eat less of it. And if you have weight to lose, avoid extreme measures. Instead, get in the habit of leaving some food on your plate. Don’t forget to build regular physical activity into your daily routine.

Hopefully, these are changes you can live with—which is why they may work and using Best diet plan for weight loss.


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