The best cardio exercise is planned correctly and consistently performed to improve health, lose weight, or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Activities that challenge the heart are a single part of any fitness program. Almost anyone can walk, run, treadmill, swim, or ride a bike.

Cardio exercise is the key to building a healthier heart and can reduce your chances of heart disease, as well as burn fat and calories. The best cardio exercises you can do for several minutes or longer will increase your heart rate.

So what’s the best cardio exercise for losing weight? 

The best cardio is any you enjoy. There’s no point in telling you that the best practice for losing weight is swimming if you can’t swim or can’t conveniently go swimming. If it’s not enjoyable or convenient, you’re not going to do it. So, to make it easy, the best cardio is any exercise you enjoy doing and, perhaps more importantly, is convenient to do. By the way, walking to lose weight is one of the best.

How Often

Cardio exercise should be a part of our daily routine, like brushing our teeth. We watch our diet and try to exercise most days of the week, and the scale won’t budge. If you want to see significant fitness improvements and lose weight, the best cardio workouts performed three to six times per week.

How Long

How long you Exercices depends on your current ability of fitness. Again, if you’re out of shape or just starting a program, you need to start slow. Begin your workout for 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a day. You’ll begin to see significant results and will soon be able to build the duration to 20 to 60 minutes on most days of the week.

How Hard

When you find the best cardio exercise, do it intensely, so it’s the best and most efficient cardio possible. If you’re going to spend the time working out, make these fat-burning exercises pay off. In other words, the most effective cardio allows you to move your body the most intense, burning off the most calories to lose weight.

Whatever cardio you choose, do the best you can and give it you’re all. If you like to walk, walk a little bit faster. If treadmills are your choice of exercise and you plan to dust yours off, use it to your fullest. Walk quickly, do whatever you do to your best ability, and you’ll soon be a hook. You will not only seem physically better but also mentally! Put a little spice in your life. Start with one exercise today and try another one tomorrow. Soon you will find the fat-burning cardio exercise that works best for you.

If you haven’t Exercise in a long time, work into it slowly. The last thing you need is an injury. So, with that said, there are two ways to look at the cardio workout program. You’ll have to determine which exercise suitable for you. Once you make that decision, you’ll have to follow a few simple guidelines to get the most out of your workout.

Depending on which you prefer as far as your program’s intensity goes, here are the differences and their guidelines; “slow and steady” or the “high intensity”.

  • Slow and Steady
  • Exercise for a longer duration (45min – 60 min)
  • Low intensity
  • Burn fat, not carbs
  • Helps preserve and protect joints

Cardio exercising will help you lose weight and also strengthen your cardiovascular system decreasing your risk of various diseases.

Cardio decreases stress, improves sleep, increases bone density, and makes your heart and lungs stronger. Another of the great benefits of cardio is that you can lose weight for free, just walking or running around the block.

So next time you’re deciding on what would the best cardio exercise to do, go outside and take a walk. You’ll find the best cardio exercise is any you “just do” and the one you enjoy the most. You’ll find yourself staying with it and achieving the best and quickest results. 

Increase the intensity of the exercise, change the duration, and try different activities so you don’t get bored. You’ll find the benefit of long-term cardiovascular exercise, losing weight, and staying healthy for life!


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