Are you looking for a weight loss plan for over 40 that produces results? Many women after 40 find that it isn’t an easy task to lose weight – at least not using the methods they used when they were younger. The most valuable thing you need to understand is that a weight loss plan for over 40 includes not only a change in diet but a complete lifestyle change.

Weight Loss Plan for Over 40- Use a Lifestyle Change

If this sounds intimidating, it isn’t. You will find that what it takes is much easier than starvation or crash diets that offer only temporary results.

For women after 40, diet is essential, but exercise, mindset, and other factors like hormones affect your efforts to lose weight. So simple changes take place in your body; stress plays a role as well. A weight loss plan for over 40 means that you need to change your eating and exercise habits, but you need to take good care of yourself by reducing stress and getting the rest you need to rejuvenate your body.o

Stress Management in a Weight Loss Plan for Over 40

Stress affects your already imbalanced hormones, and hormones affect your ability to lose weight. Women after 40 often gain weight around the belly area, usually due to the stress hormone cortisol. Instead of thinking in terms of “diet,” think in terms of an improved lifestyle that includes healthy eating, exercise, rest, and a great attitude!

Your mind has much more to do with the results you achieve in every aspect of your life, which includes your ability to lose weight.

Weight Loss Plan for Over 40- What It Should Include

An effective weight loss plan for over 40 includes:

  • Eating more healthy foods and fewer “bad” foods like processed foods, starchy carbohydrates, and saturated fats. Healthy, nutritious foods are delicious, and no, you don’t have to starve yourself or eat tasteless pre-packaged diet meals. A weight loss plan for over 40 also involves eating small, healthy snacks every few hours.
  • The RIGHT kind of exercise, which for women after 40, includes cardiovascular activities, strength training, and flexibility moves. Does this mean you have to work out in a gym for an hour a day? NO! Most days, fifteen or twenty minutes of brisk walking and fifteen to twenty minutes of flexibility and strength training are all you need to enhance your efforts to lose weight.
  • Do you own the mindset of “I’m never moving to get rid of these love names?”. Tell yourself that you CAN and that once you make these changes in your life, you will be slimmer, sexier, and more vibrant than ever. Today, women after 40 are some of the hottest ever! As they say, “Forty is the new twenty.”
  • Take time for yourself. You are probably the caretaker in the family; you nurture your husband and the kids, possibly work a full-time job and take care of the household chores. To lose weight, women after 40 must get plenty of sleep and reduce stress. Do things that help you relax, whether that means going to a movie with some friends or reading a great book on the sofa.
  • Exercise is a dirty word in many people’s minds. The thing is, it doesn’t necessarily have to FEEL like exercise! Walking and bike riding can be enjoyable; when you’re making those strength or flexibility moves, think about how your muscles are getting stronger by the second, how that loose, flabby skin is tightening up. Visualize the results in your mind, and it will motivate you to work harder!

What Is Not Helpful in a Weight Loss Plan for Over 40

A weight loss plan for over 40 doesn’t include fad diets, tasteless foods, or diet pills. What it DOES include are all of those things that make you healthier in general. Once you make the changes in your life, you will see that women after 40 can lose weight – and keep it off for good!


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