10 Healthy Kitchen Tips:

10 Healthy Kitchen Tips
Healthy Kitchen Tips

You can have very healthy food in your refrigerator or store cupboard, but you can reduce or destroy their healthy properties by cooking or preparing them in the wrong way.Therefor we provide 10 Healthy Kitchen Tips. 

1. Frying chicken, turkey, venison, or fish adds unnecessary fat to your diet. Instead, you could put them in foil or a covered dish without added fat or oil and bake meat or fish, or you could broil (grill) them. Something like the George Foreman Grill is another right way to cook meat and fish.

2. You are adding saturated fats if you add butter, cream, or full-fat milk to mashed potatoes. It could increase your harmful cholesterol levels. Use semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, yogurt, or maybe polyunsaturated spreads but check that these don’t contain trans fats, sometimes called hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats or oils.

3. Don’t make fries (chips); instead, go for plain boiled potatoes or bake them with their skins on (jacket potatoes). If you wash the surfaces well before cooking, you can eat them, giving you added fiber and a better chance of getting the vitamins and micronutrients which predominate just under the skins.

4. Don’t add cheese, mayonnaise, or other high calories, high-fat toppings to jacket potatoes or other foods. Go for low fat, low salt, low-calorie toppings instead.

5. Hold the salt. When cooking, add the minimum amount of salt – try using herbs like basil, sage, thyme, etc., in place of salt. You’ll be surprised how tasty food can be with little or no salt but plenty of herbs.

6. Whenever possible, eat your fruit and vegetables raw. Make a salad with lettuce, tomato, shredded carrots, sliced apples, and other good fresh vegetables and fruit use this Healthy Kitchen Tips.

7. Of course, you don’t always want raw vegetables. First of all, never fry them – unnecessary fat. Instead, steam them or bake them without fat. Boiling vegetables can destroy or leach out vitamins, and micronutrients do try to avoid this method of cooking whenever possible.

8. Whenever you do need to add some fat to meat or vegetables, try using an oil sprayer. You can buy cans, or you can buy an oil sprayer that you fill yourself.

9. Using a pressure cooker is another healthy way to cook meat and vegetables, and nowadays, they aren’t at all difficult to use.

10. Avoid adding sugar to food. Try using cinnamon instead of a sweet-tasting spice if you want something to taste a little sweeter. If you must add sugar, keep it to the minimum. If you and your family are used to lovely food, gradually reduce the amount of sugar you use, so you all get accustomed to a less sweet taste.


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